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Flight of the Illuminated Willow, Sonnet No. 3, For David

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Flight of the Illuminated Willow, Sonnet No. 3


Nothing in this world can yet describe here,

the feeling, when I touch you in the night.

Nothing of this world dares try to fly here,

lest all their wings catch fire, by your light.

As soon as fingers touch you, I am bright.

The deepest seas could not extinguish me.

Illuminated from dark, as moonlight;

no other light could match the light of ‘We’

I wonder if inside, if you can see

how you changed, every piece of world I knew.

I river, and you, roots of willow tree.

Together, out growth can be only, True.

What has happened to me, has no name here.

You have happened to me. Oh, say you’ll stay here?

Davidian Waters, Sonnet No. 2

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Davidian Waters, Sonnet No. 2,


Passions overcome like rushing water,

the widest, deepest waters, in the world.

Overtaking all in perfect world-swirls;

giving such true depth, this lowly daughter

Suddenly forgotten all the slaughter,

in the depthless way of water as it whorls.

Finding at the bottom, a perfect pearl,

Swims off with it, a newborn sea otter

All effects of past fall off like autumn

once attached to branches now outmoded.

Leaves let go; circle off into the sun.

A hammer replaced gently, from loaded

Old and weary soul, shines like the young.

Smiling eyes, and thickened skin, eroded.

Eternally Untitled, Sonnet No. 1, For David

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Eternally Untitled, Sonnet No. 1,


The things I feel inside myself, defy

the laws of time and space and man and mile.

The logic I have clung to all my life

means nothing when you look at me and smile.

Words poured from my fingertips for ages,

yet now all I can do is sit and cry.

How can one express a thing so ageless?

That has no name, or way, or shape or size?

Were every grain of sand on every beach,

and every leaf, on every tree, a word;

every breeze that blew to furthest reaches…

The meaning of my love, would barely stir

Every hour, every day, I hope you know

I love this show. I love this show, alone.

A Winter Stone

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You cant see it, but you know its there.

like hearing a stone hit a wall in the night,

in the winter…

a general numbness has touched the topmost cells

of the topmost skin.

but it still felt like something.

maybe in the feet, there was a vibration.

maybe in the ear, there was a sound.

where did it come from?

where did it go?



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The in between place
One done, one not yet begun.
Suspended, I wait.

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what is this?

I ask myself,

as i read over the writings from none too long ago.

but while it feels a century,

it is also, merely a day.

Opposing colors,

in the same swirl of paint,

eternally unmixed to their capacity.

Rubbing up against different parts of each other,

Never to commingle entirely.

Things have changed, though.

So much of everything, as a whole,

past, present, and future…

…is different now.

Changing, and changing, and changing…

I know the motion is toward the forward,

but i keep looking back,

double taking…

Is that the thing i think it is?

Whats happened to it?

Has it been that long?

Is iut really so far?


Yes, it certainly is.

And so I march.