I havent got a smile
I only have the rain,
And everytome I turn around,
My house is on fire, again….

I sit inside my flaming rooms,
I sit within these walls…
I scream inside these empty rooms,
And, down all these empty halls…

a raving maenad, mad as a hatter,
Slowly, losing my mind…
Better or worse, it doesnt rly matter…
The mad ones have no sense of time…

Im screaming at spectres
And raving out of time….
I feel like ill be all alone,
Left to my own, to lose my mind…

Im waiting for the miracle,
For the holy water bath….
Im sure I cant go backwards now…
I fear this, is my only path….

My dress is soot and singes,
There are ashes and burns on my face…
The only happy thought I have,
Is that maybe…
Maybe I can hold onto Dave…..


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