Everything is still.

there is only the trickling of the fishtank filter,

the occasional snore,

and the semi infrequent soft push, of the gales,

the creak of the door when it buffets it.

Tiny flecks of raindrops, on the south-eastern facing windows,

blown through the screen and onto the inner pane.

The atmosphere is heavy, and cool;

an exposed toes knows, this thing.

The sun that never was today,

will ge gone before too long,

bringing with it,

the events of the crowded evening.

Soon to trade the drops on the window,

for the dripping of the shower;

for time waits for no man,

especially when theres wind,

galing at his ass.

have another cigarette,

and contemplate the drips blown through the screen,

slipping down into one another,

in their semi-jagged, jerky paths downward.

Its a good thing to let a tea steep for a while…

it holds its flavor very well,

and for true appreciation of such a place in time,

it is indeed, necessary.

The fading blurs of recollection, fade,

into the space between those slipping drips…

everything unsettling, settles.

memories which often pull away, and want to be forgotten,

but are not allowed,


for a few moments.

A blissful sleep of ignorance.

the pointy gnawing persistences,

get drowsy.

the wind picks up hard

and there is the audible spattering,

of new rain on the window,

and a low, thin invasion,

of icy air coming across the floor,

to revisit the toes, that know…

Everything, is still here.

Looking through the doorway,

theres a beautiful, and limp hand,

with the ocassional

twitchy finger.

Some people have blankets.

underneath them, there is,

a warmth most contrary to what the toes know…

And under there, all sneaking chills from under the door, or,

in between the parts of the wall,

are forbidden.

under there,

anything can happen.

Because under there, is sleep.

And this rain….

empowers, that sleep,

into much more, than a nap.

This wind, a questionable lullabye,

Odysseus’ sirens, come again.

The body knows…

And  in this sleep,

there is a depth, and a clarity, with what is not awake…..

The universe is communicating.

This wind.

This rain.

is here.


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