Half happy half sad
Half waiting half done
Half frightened half ready set go
Half worried half sure
Half crazy half sane…

Half and half and half and half…
Half an hour half a sandwich
Half a mind, to just disappear
For half myself…

But then there’s half you,
The half remaining,
An I have my conversely undesiring to vanish side..
And shed never let you go, of course…

So half asleep and half awake,
Half happy half sad,
half cazy half sane…
Here I am.

Wholly loving, devoted, and present.
Holding all the pieces of mself together
With the glue that is my trust and hope,
For our half of the future,

Half a dream, half a nightmare,
Half a smile, half a tear…

Half and half and half and half,
I barely fit into myself anymore…
Yet I find room to believe in
You, and me…..


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