An Eclipse of the Moonbrain

I am K.M. Sudnik. I cite my influences as Charles Baudelaire, and a few choice bohemians…. I used to write a ridiculous amount. I remember thinking that I didnt think there would ever be a time in my life when I didn’t write. I needed it.
It dwindled amd I lied to myself and said i was a writer… But nothing ever got finished.
But I was stopping.
There were repercussions.
Energy backed up in me.Then I stopped. For several years, minus journaling. My work became entirely less frequent, but of a much higher calibur. not enough though.
I proceeded to melt and in the absence of all other forms of possible expression for my inner workings have been essentially forced back to The Page… Exorcising the brain worms and whatnot…

My Website


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